2nd grade – 3rd grade


December  Students will formally start their Spanish unit, and during this month, they will be working on a unit titled “El Tiempo y La Ropa” which is a unit related to the weather and clothing.

Unit Goals:

Learners will ask and answer questions about the weather. They will describe weather conditions in different cities around the world. Students will also ask and answer questions about what to wear on a daily basis as well as identify the factor besides the weather that might influence people’s choices in what they wear.

How the World Works

Central Idea: Natural and human interactions create change to our environment

Key Concepts: form, causation, change, responsibility,

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Ways cycles affect the earth
  • How Earth constantly transforms
  • Ways humans are affected by earth changes

During October and November students will do activities related to “El dia de los Muertos.

“Nunca pinto sueños o pesadillas. Pinto mi propia realidad”

Frida Kahlo